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SLEDGE advertising agency logo with tagline: Break Through


The Original Barangay Ginebra advertising campaign logo

From lowly image, to proud symbol
of the working class

Yakult bottle with "Ok ka ba tiyan?" advertising campaign logo

From too technical and scientific,
to instant mass appeal

Silka logo with advertising campaign tagline: Alagang Papaya, Alagang Silka

From local startup, to No.1 beauty soap

Audi logo

From long-time German Big 3 absentee,
to award-winning launch

Can of CDO Karne Norte on fingertip with advertising campaign tagline: Sikretong sahog ng maDISHkarte!

From fading appeal, to finding relevance

Super Vulca Seal advertising campaign visual: The Tapal King sitting on his throne, guarding his kindom of roofs

From the king of old, to reinvigorated,
undisputed Tapal King

RHEA Generics logo in the advertising campaign tagline: Iba ang RHEA Generics

From generic, to game-changing generics

monochromatic SLEDGE red background for About section

In 2019, the core team behind some of the most iconic campaigns of the last three decades,

such as Barangay Ginebra, Ok Ka Ba Tiyan, and Alagang Silka,

got together and formed SLEDGE.


In this age of constant, unrelenting, infinite distractions,

SLEDGE brings the same passion and drive to break through the clutter

and hammer the message home.


Nothing less than high-impact,

hard-hitting, breakthrough advertising

will do.


Nothing less than smashing success.


So break through.



monochromatic SLEDGE yellow background for Contact section

Break Through Now.


For your Brand:

For your Career:

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